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Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1977) 26 (7): TS-320.
Published: 01 July 1977
... VASCO WEAR is an air-hardening, cold-work die steel developed to provide high resistance to wear at exceptionally good levels of toughness. It also has the high compressive strength necessary for maximum resistance to upsetting. Its many uses include such applications as thread-rolling dies...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1974) 23 (5): TS-271.
Published: 01 May 1974
... VASCO DIE was developed to provide a highly wear-resitant, air-hardening die steel for long production runs or applications where good toughness is a primary requirement. This datasheet provides information on composition, physical properties, hardness, and elasticity as well as fracture toughness...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1983) 32 (3): TS-413.
Published: 01 March 1983
... VASCO M-33 is a high-molybdenum high-speed steel containing 8% cobalt which contributes materially to the superior red hardness of the steel. It is recommended highly for tools that require the optimum combination of high-temperature hardness, resistance to wear and cutting edge strength and...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1984) 33 (9): TS-428.
Published: 01 September 1984
... VASCO TeleCut is a cobalt-free high-speed steel that is a cost-effective alternative to many cobalt high-speed steels because of its special combination of hot hardness, wear resistance and toughness. TeleCut is a superior high-speed steel that is ideal for a variety of cutting tools, including...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1974) 23 (9): TS-274.
Published: 01 September 1974
... VASCO TUF is an air-hardening die steel ideally suited for cold-work applications requiring good toughness. It has better wear resistance than the shock-resisting tool steels. It achieves a maximum hardness of Rockwell C 58-60 when multiple tempered at 950 F: this means that it can also be used...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1962) 11 (5): TS-4.
Published: 01 May 1962
... VASCO SUPREME is a high carbon, cobalt type of high-speed steel combining very high hardness, hot-hardness, wear resistance and toughness. It possesses performance qualities surpassing those of commonly used grades of high-speed steel. This datasheet provides information on composition and...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1963) 12 (1): TS-128.
Published: 01 January 1963
... VASCO VANADIUM TYPE BB is a high carbon, chromium-vanadium alloy steel of the water-hardening or oil-hardening type having high wear resistance combined with toughness. It has good depth hardenability for a water-hardening steel. This datasheet provides information on composition, physical...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1959) 8 (6): TS-7.
Published: 01 June 1959
... VASCO M-2 is a general purpose high-speed steel of the tungsten-molybdenum type. The steel combines to an excellent degree resistance to wear toughness. Not particularly susceptible to decarburization. This datasheet provides information on composition, hardness, tensile properties, and bend...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1961) 10 (12): TS-30.
Published: 01 December 1961
... aen, etc., requiring intermediate toughness and wear feskuncc- 2 1!90°F. Tools requiring maximum tougbnesa-2 15OOF. cutting tools made of vasco supreme A should be heat treated to the highest obtainable batdness except in those innaxes requiring maximum toughne~ to insure maximum cutting e&cency...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1973) 22 (9): TS-261.
Published: 01 September 1973
... VASCO X-2 CVM is a steel designed especially for gears and shafts where a high surface hardness (carburized) and superior hot hardness are desired. It is a vacuum-melted steel and provides an excellent combination of high strength, good toughness and high fatigue strength. This datasheet provides...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1960) 9 (7): TS-95.
Published: 01 July 1960
... VASCO CHOICE No. 1 is a 4% chromium high-carbon hot work steel especially adapted for those operations where the hot work is performed by a compressive action. This datasheet provides information on composition, hardness, elasticity, and tensile properties. It also includes information on forming...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1966) 15 (2): SA-192.
Published: 01 February 1966
... Vasco Momarc CVM is a modification of AISI 52100 steel where the manganese has been replaced by molybdenum to provide the desirable hardenability. It is more resistant to tempering than 52100 which makes it ideal for bearing applications. This datasheet provides information on composition...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1958) 7 (12): TS-77.
Published: 01 December 1958
... VASCO-WCC is a hot work die steel having improved mechanical properties at elevated temperatures and is highly resistant to heat checking. This datasheet provides information on composition, hardness, and tensile properties. It also includes information on high temperature performance as well as...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1981) 30 (3): TS-379.
Published: 01 March 1981
... improve the cutting efficiency of the steel without materially lowering its toughness. Vasco M-7 has high hardenability and high red hardness; it was developed to provide high resis- tance to abrasion for tool applications in need of excel- lent wear resistance and good cuttingedge toughness. Vasco M-7...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1983) 32 (11): TS-418.
Published: 01 November 1983
...; however. when heating is done in an atmosphere-controlled furnace or salt bath. which are properly maintained. this decarburization is eliminated. Vasco M-30 has an outstanding combination of machinability. toughness. wear resistance and cutting qualities. Thts steel is tougher than the AlSl Type T4 (18-4...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1979) 28 (7): TS-351.
Published: 01 July 1979
... VASCO 8-N-2 is a molybdenum high-speed steel containing a low percentage of tungsten. It can be used successfully for a variety of cutting tools; in fact, it is a general-purpose high-speed steel. Its composition represents the first molybdenum high-speed steel to be manufactured and find...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1990) 39 (10): TS-502.
Published: 01 October 1990
... information on wear resistance as well as heat treating and machining. Filing Code: TS-502. Producer or source: Teledyne Vasco. Producer or Source: Teledyne Vasco Copyright © ASM International® 1996 1996 ASM International chemical composition CIRCLE C deformation properties fracture toughness...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1981) 30 (12): TS-392.
Published: 01 December 1981
... CHROMEWEAR 300 is an air-hardening tool steel developed for applications that require extremely high abrasion resistance. It far exceeds the wear-resistance properties of the air-hardening high-carbon high-chromium steels, and is even superior in wear resistance to the high wear-resistant AISI...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1966) 15 (12): TS-186.
Published: 01 December 1966
... SIMOCH is a low alloy tool steel having high shock resistance, high impact strength and excellent wear resistance. It is recommended for many hot work and cold work applications. This datasheet provides information on composition, physical properties, hardness, elasticity, and tensile properties...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1968) 17 (6): TS-207.
Published: 01 June 1968
... AIR HARD is an air or oil hardening, high-carbon tool and die steel for minimum distortion after hardening. It is used for blanking and forming dies, rolls, punches, and other such applications where a deep hardening, non-deforming steel with good resistance to wear is desired. (Also furnished in...