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Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1975) 24 (8): Ni-220.
Published: 01 August 1975
... TECHALLOY A (80-20) is a nickel-chromium electrical resistance alloy for operating temperatures up to 2150 F. It is non-magnetic, highly corrosion resistance, and has a lower temperature coefficient of resistance than other alloys for heater elements. This datasheet provides information...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1975) 24 (10): Cu-301.
Published: 01 October 1975
... TECHALLOY 294 is a copper-nickel alloy with constant electrical resistance over a wide range of temperatures. It is used widely in rheostats and controls where the maximum operating temperature does not exceed 1000 F. Its low temperature coefficient of electrical resistance and its stability make...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1975) 24 (7): Ni-219.
Published: 01 July 1975
... TECHALLOY C (62-16) is a nickel-chromium-iron electrical resistance alloy for operating temperatures up to 1700 F. It can withstand high overloads; this makes it ideal for heavy-duty rheostats and controls. It is highly suitable for heating elements in domestic appliances. It's high electrical...
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Alloy Digest (1976) 25 (4): Fe-57.
Published: 01 April 1976
... TECHALLOY D is an iron-nickel-chromium electrical-resistance alloy suitable for operating in air up to 1400-1600 F. It resists heat, oxidation and corrosion to an outstanding degree. It is used as heating elements in industrial furnaces that operate in the temperature range of 1500-1800 F...
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Alloy Digest (1977) 26 (4): Ni-243.
Published: 01 April 1977
... TECHALLOY WASPALOY, a nickel-base austenitic precipitation-hardenable alloy, derives its high strength at elevated temperatures from additions of the solid-solution strengthening elements molybdenum, cobalt and chromium and from aluminum and titanium which produce age hardening. Boron...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1977) 26 (6): Ni-246.
Published: 01 June 1977
... TECHALLOY Nickel 200 is commercially pure wrought nickel. It maintains good strength at elevated temperatures and is tough and ductile at low temperatures. It is a general-purpose material when the properties of nickel alloys are not needed. Its many uses include spun and cold-formed parts...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1977) 26 (7): Ni-247.
Published: 01 July 1977
... TECHALLOY Nickel 205 is a wrought nickel-base alloy containing small additions of magnesium and titanium. It has a high Curie temperature and a high magnetostriction coefficient. It is used for many electrical and electronic components and for equipment employing magnetostrictive effects...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1977) 26 (8): Ni-248.
Published: 01 August 1977
... TECHALLOY Nickel 211 is a nickel-manganese alloy with good elevated-temperature resistance to corrosion by sulfur compounds. When annealed, it is slightly stronger and harder than Techalloy Nickel 200 and is good for structural parts subjected to degassing temperatures. Nickel 211 has low electron...
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Alloy Digest (1978) 27 (1): Ni-253.
Published: 01 January 1978
... TECHALLOY Alloy 625 is a nonmagnetic nickel-base alloy with excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation. It has outstanding strength and toughness from cryogenic temperatures to 2000 F. It also has exceptionally high fatigue strength and is resistant to chloride-ion stress-corrosion cracking...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1979) 28 (10): Fe-59.
Published: 01 October 1979
... TECHALLOY GLASSEAL 42 is an iron-nickel alloy with thermal expansion that closely matches the 1075 glass. Also, it is sometimes used for sealing action for the 0120 and 0010 glasses. It has the lowest expansivity of the iron-nickel alloys that are commonly used for glass-sealing applications...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1979) 28 (12): Fe-60.
Published: 01 December 1979
... TECHALLOY GLASSEAL 29-17 is an iron-nickel-cobalt alloy with a thermal expansion rate that is unlike most metals and closely matches the thermal expansion characteristics of borosilicate glass, PYREX glass, and other similar low-expansion materials. It assures precisely controlled expansion...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1982) 31 (1): SS-399.
Published: 01 January 1982
... TECHALLOY 17-7 PH is a precipitation-hardenable high-strength stainless steel with excellent fatigue properties, good resistance to corrosion, minimum distortion on heat treatment and excellent spring characteristics. Its highest tensile strength and hardness are produced by starting with soft...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1979) 28 (5): Ni-260.
Published: 01 May 1979
... TECHALLOY GLASSEAL 52 is a nickel-iron alloy produced for glass-to-metal seals with higher than normal thermal-expansion glasses such as Types 0120 and 9010, and certain ceramics. It has relatively good mechanical properties: a tensile strength of 80,000 psi and an elongation of 35%. It is used...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1979) 28 (6): SS-365.
Published: 01 June 1979
... TECHALLOY A-286 is recommended for applications requiring high strength and good resistance to corrosion at temperatures up to 1300 F and for lower stresses at higher temperatures. Its oxidation resistance is high for continuous service to 1500 F and intermittent service to 1800 F. It is ideal...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1979) 28 (8): Fe-58.
Published: 01 August 1979
... TECHALLOY 36 Alloy is an iron-nickel alloy that has a thermal expansion rate about 10% of the rate for carbon steel up to 400 F. It provides the lowest thermal expansion rate of all similar types of alloys. It has fairly good room-temperature mechanical properties in the annealed condition...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1981) 30 (5): Fe-63.
Published: 01 May 1981
... TECHALLOY FECRALLOY A is a new, flexible iron-chromium-aluminum electrical-resistance alloy for heating elements. It greatly resists embrittlement and oxidation; in fact, it has outstanding resistance in air and other hot oxidizing gases to 2372 F (1300 C). Its useful life is many times longer...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1978) 27 (3): SS-348.
Published: 01 March 1978
... as well as forming, heat treating, machining, and joining. Filing Code: SS-348. Producer or source: Techalloy Company Inc.. Producer or Source: Techalloy Company Inc. Copyright © ASM International® 1996 1996 ASM International chemical composition corrosion-resistant alloys ductility...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1978) 27 (5): SS-351.
Published: 01 May 1978
... properties, and shear strength. It also includes information on corrosion resistance as well as forming, heat treating, machining, joining, and surface treatment. Filing Code: SS-351. Producer or source: Techalloy Company Inc.. Producer or Source: Techalloy Company Inc. Copyright © ASM International®...