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Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1972) 21 (3): Ni-169.
Published: 01 March 1972
... ARMCO 20-45-5 is a corrosion resistant nickel-base alloy that is extremely resistant to hot chloride stress-corrosion cracking and has superior resistance to intergranular attack in the sensitized condition. This datasheet provides information on composition, physical properties, hardness...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1990) 39 (2): SS-224.
Published: 01 February 1990
...- complished in low-dew point hydrogen, helium or argon atmos- pheres or in vacuum. Machinability: Armco PH 13-8 MO stainless in Condition A provides good tool life and surface finish at machining speeds 20 to 30% lower than Tem~rawrc - F types 410 and 431 but is somewhat inferior to Atmco 17-4 PH stainless...
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Alloy Digest (1981) 30 (5): SA-380.
Published: 01 May 1981
... are registered trademarks of Armco Inc. Armco SSS IOOA is covered by Canadian Patent No. 753.190. Composition: Heat Analysis Carbon 0.13-0.20 Manganese 0.40-0.70 Phosphorus 0.035 max. sulfur 0.040 max. SiIicon 0.10-0.35* Chromium 0.85-l-20 Molybdenum 0.15-0.25 Titanium 0.04-0.10 Copper Boron 0.001;-0.0050...
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Alloy Digest (1990) 39 (9): Fe-92.
Published: 01 September 1990
...)* 16500(113800) 20 to the rolling dire&on 20000(138000) 45 to the rolling dire&on 35000(241000) 55 to the rolling direction 40000(276000) 90 to the rolling direction 29500(203ooo) *Value-s may vary a5 much as &5%. 1 I * . CORE LOSS -walls hr Kwgmm _I 1. 4 I1 2 1 Ifa IO do _ -. 8...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1958) 7 (1): SS-68.
Published: 01 January 1958
... ARMCO 17-14 Cu-Mo is an austenitic stainless steel which responds favorably to an age-hardening heat treatment. It is recommended for highly stressed stainless steel parts requiring long service at temperatures up to 1500 F. This datasheet provides information on composition, physical properties...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1988) 37 (8): Fe-84.
Published: 01 August 1988
.... Density 7.65g/cu cm. Double-lapped test circuit joints. Table 3 -- RECOh4MENDED STRESS RELIEVING PROCEDURES FOR ARMCO ORIENTED ELECTRICAL STEELS* Type of insulation Mill-d Carlite Carlite 3 AISI c-2 AISI c-5 AISI c-5 over AISI c-2 Wound cores Punchings Shearedlaminations Charge temperawe. max.. F ( c...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1961) 10 (12): SS-125.
Published: 01 December 1961
... will corrode; however Armco 21-6-9 cannot be made to corrode under these conditions. Armco 21-6-9 is more corrosion resistant than Type 304 in /2% HCl. In 20% salt fog after exposure for 240 hours, it is about equal in corrosion resistance to Type 304. Cross welds on flat sheet show no intergranular attack...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1990) 39 (9): Fe-93.
Published: 01 September 1990
... Armco Tran-Cor H-1 Electrical Steel, available in coils 0.011 in. (0.28 mm) thickness, offers an outstanding degree of grain orientation with resultant far lower core loss than possible with conventional grain-oriented electrical steels. It is used for transformer cores. This datasheet provides...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1969) 18 (1): CS-29.
Published: 01 January 1969
... ARMCO LTM is a normalized, fine grain, carbon-manganese-silicon killed steel providing a high degree of notch toughness at low temperatures and also excellent weldability. It is recommended for refrigerated gas cargo tanks, pipelines and structures exposed to low temperatures. This datasheet...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1965) 14 (1): SS-164.
Published: 01 January 1965
... Armco 303FF is an austenitic free-machining stainless steel combining excellent surface finish with good tool life. This datasheet provides information on composition, physical properties, hardness, elasticity, and tensile properties as well as fracture toughness and fatigue. It also includes...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (2002) 51 (5): SS-853.
Published: 01 May 2002
.... Producer or source: AK Steel Inc. Producer or Source: AK Steel Inc. Copyright © ASM International® 2002 2002 ASM International ARMCO 309 ARMCO 309S chemical composition corrosion-resistant alloys elasticity fracture toughness hardness heat treatability joinability machinability...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1977) 26 (11): CS-69.
Published: 01 November 1977
... ARMCO GAINEX Steels comprise a family of five low-cost structural carbon steels. This family includes: GAINEX-35, GAINEX-40, GAINEX-45, GAINEX-50 and GAINEX SA (Strain ageable); the numbers following GAINEX refer to minimum specified (ordered) yield strengths in 1000 psi. These steels are well...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1968) 17 (12): SA-234.
Published: 01 December 1968
... ARK0 5%lOO* (Constructional Steel) ARhKO SSS-100 is a quenched and tempered low-carbon, alloy constructional steel probiding high strength, exceptional notch toughness, good weldability and improved atmospheric corrosion resistance along with good abrasion resistance. *Trademark Armco Steel Corporation...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1971) 20 (6): SS-255.
Published: 01 June 1971
... stainless steels, the alloy exhibits improved resistance to stress corrosion in hot chloride environments. When tested in boiling 45% MgCl2 solution, 18-2 Mn is as resistant to cracking as Type 304 at high stress levels and vastly superior at low stress levels. Specification Equivalents: Armco 18-2 Mn...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1989) 38 (9): SS-7.
Published: 01 September 1989
... ARMCO 17-4 PH, a precipitation hardening stainless steel, is widely accepted in a broad range of industries. High strength, excellent corrosion resistance, ease of heat treatment and good weldability make it an important alloy to designers and engineers. This datasheet provides information...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (2000) 49 (12): SS-810.
Published: 01 December 2000
... for turning with 0.003 0.008 in. feed, ARMCO 321 Filing Code: SS-810 Stainless Steel December 2000 DOI: 10.31399/asm.ad.ss0810 30 60 sfpm for drilling with a ½ in. drill and a feed of 0.003 0.007 in., 15 25 sfm for tapping, 35 70 sfm for milling, 8 15 sfm for broaching, and 20 60 sfm for reaming. Use...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1963) 12 (7): SS-145.
Published: 01 July 1963
... Armco 410 Cb is a modified Type 410 corrosion resistant steel by the addition of columbium. It is extremely tough and impact resistant. It is a hardenable grade but less sensitive to tempering variables than Type 410. This datasheet provides information on composition, physical properties...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1958) 7 (3): SS-71.
Published: 01 March 1958
... problems encountered after machining are vitually eliminated due to the low heat treatment temperature required for hardening. Composition: Physical Constants*: Annealed Hardened Carbon Silicon Manganese QlromiUm Nickel CoPPer Phosphorus Sulphur Iron a Armco Steel Corp. 0.07 ma.x 1.00 max. 1.00 max. 15.25...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1975) 24 (11): SS-320.
Published: 01 November 1975
..., and joining. Filing Code: SS-320. Producer or source: Armco Steel Corporation, Advanced Materials Division. Producer or Source: Armco Steel Corporation, Advanced Materials Division Copyright © ASM International® 1996 1996 ASM International chemical composition corrosion-resistant alloys...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1964) 13 (6): SS-156.
Published: 01 June 1964
... with corrosion resistance. shafts, etc. It LS recommended for chemical process equipment, valve parts, aircraft fittings, pump *This alloy is covered by Armco Steel Corp. patents. Composition: Physical Constants: (Annealed) Typical Density, lb/cu.in. 0.281 Carbon 0.04 Electrical resistivity, microhm-cm 98...