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Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1967) 16 (1): SS-190.
Published: 01 January 1967
... AISI No. 634 is a transformation and precipitation hardening stainless steel. It is used for applications such as pressure vessels, aircraft constructural components and jet engine compressor components. This datasheet provides information on composition, physical properties, hardness, elasticity...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1968) 17 (9): SS-213.
Published: 01 September 1968
...% nitric acid followed by e thorough water nnsing is desirable to remove contamination and whiten the surface. Specification Equivalents: AISI No. 634 AMS 5743 General Characteristics: Carpenter Pyromet 355 IS a chromium nickelarolybdenum starnless steel which can be hardened by mertensltic trsns...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1986) 35 (2): SS-424.
Published: 01 February 1986
... ARMCO 12 SR was developed specifically for automotive exhaust applications. It has greater oxidation resistance than AISI Type 409 and it exhibits formability and weldability comparable to more highly alloyed ferritic grades. This datasheet provides information on composition, physical properties...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1990) 39 (4): SS-304.
Published: 01 April 1990
... machines with good surface f&h. It is more susceptible to work hardening than AISI Type 304 or 316 and should be machined at slower speeds and higher feeds. Itsmachinabilityratingisabout21%thatofAISIB1112carbon steel. Coated carbide tools will permit higher cutting rates. Working: Forge NITRON IC 50...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1985) 34 (9): SS-463.
Published: 01 September 1985
...). The alloy machines similar to AISI Types 410 and 420 stainless steels and its cold workability is comparable to AISI Types 403 and 422. Welding requires preheat and postweld annealing as do all 12% chromntm martensitic steels. Forms Available: Billet. bar. shapes. wire and strip. Applications: Steam turbine...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1986) 35 (9): SS-474.
Published: 01 September 1986
... for PYROMET V-57 is 2000°F (1093°C). Material may be air cooled following hot work. Specification Equivalents: AISI No. 663. General Characteristics: PYROMET V-57 is an ausreniric precipitation- hardening stainless steel. It has high streneth and good corrosion resistance in service up to l40...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (2012) 61 (2): SS-1115.
Published: 01 February 2012
...), but is most frequently used in the 538 871 ºC (1000 1600 ºF) range. Specification Equivalents: ASTM A 297, grade HF ASTM A 608, grade HF 30 Nearest wrought grade: AISI 302 and 302B. The composition of the wrought grade differs from that of the cast alloy and has different properties. The cast alloy s...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1985) 34 (10): SA-412.
Published: 01 October 1985
... at a temperature not greater than 195OOF (1066 C). Do not hot work below 1700°F. This steel may be reheated as often as necessary to complete the hot-working operations. Specification Equivalents: AISI Type E52100. UNS No. G52986. ASTM: A 29, A 322, A 331, A 505, A 519, A 535 and A 646. Military: MIL-S-980, MIL-S...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (2010) 59 (8): SS-1074.
Published: 01 August 2010
... Availability: Wire is developed in lots and forms as below: In coils with weights up to 150 kg (330 lb) On various types of spools with wire weights up to 1000 kg (2200 lb) In compact coils up to 1400 kg (3080 lb) In straightened lengths up to 4 kg (8.8 lb) Applications: Similar to those where AISI...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (1977) 26 (6): SS-340.
Published: 01 June 1977
... (982OC). Specification Equivalents: AISI Type 660. Unified Number: K66286. German: DIN-1.4980. Bars and Forgings: AMS 5731, AMS 5732, AMS 5734, AMS 5735, AMS 5736 and AMS 5737. Strip: AMS 5525. General Characteristics: Pyromet A-286 is an iron-nickel-chromium alloy that is austen- itic and age hardenable...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (2002) 51 (4): SS-851.
Published: 01 April 2002
... to 700 °C (1300 °F) on engine tests against all atmospheres encountered in jet engine service. The oxidation resistance is as good as Type 310 stainless steel up to 980 °C (1800 °F). Specification Equivalents: AISI Type 660 UNS K66286 DIN 1.4980 For bar and forgings: AMS 5731, 5732, 5734, 5735, 5736...
Journal Articles
Alloy Digest (2002) 51 (8): Ti-60.
Published: 01 August 2002
... to correct for variations in springback. Machinability: Using the rating system based on AISI B1112 steel, the machinability is rated at 22%. In general, low cutting speeds, heavy feed rates, and copi- ous amounts of cutting fluid are recommended. Because of the strong ten- dency of titanium to gall...