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About the Editor

Alok Nayar, a metallurgical consultant with more than 30 years of experience, is Editor of Alloy Digest. His areas of expertise include selection of metals and manufacturing processes, metals standardization, testing of metals, cost reduction through metals and process substitution, process improvement, and implementation of quality management systems. Alok has published several books on metals properties and testing, including The Steel Handbook (Tata McGraw-Hill, India, 2002). In addition to his work on Alloy Digest, Alok has created updates for standards data in Alloy Finder, one of the key resources in the ASM Alloy Center Database, and also was a contributor to the Worldwide Guide to Equivalent Irons and Steels, 5th Edition (ASM International, 2006).

Mr. Nayar has collaborated with the ASM editorial and production team to update the format of the Alloy Digest datasheets, to make alloys even easier to compare at a glance while retaining the basic organizational structure that has been tried and true for more than 60 years. In addition, Mr. Nayar and ASM have increased the number of new and updated datasheets published each month from 8 to 10.

The Editor welcomes feedback and suggestions about ways to increase the information value of Alloy Digest datasheets. Comments and questions can be sent to

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