1044 is a wrought medium-carbon (carbon = 0.43–0.50%) non-alloy steel that has a lower manganese content (manganese = 0.30-0.60%) than 1045 (manganese = 0.60-0.90%). It is used in the hot rolled, normalized, cold worked, or quenched and tempered condition. This steel may also be flame or induction hardened, nitrided, or nitrocarburized. 1044 is widely used for moderately and highly stressed parts that require higher strength levels than can be achieved by the lower carbon grades. Owing to its low hardenability, its use in the quench hardened and tempered condition is not recommended for large sizes. This steel is often selected in preference to 1045 for surface hardening by flame or induction, because the lower manganese content of 1044 decreases hardenability and susceptibility to quench cracking. This datasheet provides information on composition, physical properties, hardness, and tensile properties. It also includes information on forming and heat treating. Filing Code: CS-256. Producer or source: Heat Treater's Guide.

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