Rio Tinto A356.2 is a heat-treatable, aluminum-silicon-magnesium casting alloy (3xx.x series) that is available in the ingot form for remelting. It is used extensively for producing general-purpose sand and permanent mold castings that require a combination of medium strength with good elongation, very good corrosion resistance, and excellent casting characteristics. Alloy A356.0, which is a higher purity, low iron version of alloy 356.0, provides better elongation and somewhat higher tensile strength. Alloy A356.0 is used in premium, higher strength applications and is used extensively in safety critical applications. This datasheet provides information on composition, physical properties, hardness, elasticity, tensile properties, and shear strength. It also includes information on corrosion resistance as well as casting, heat treating, and machining. Filing Code: Al-499. Producer or source: Rio Tinto Limited.

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