Mueller Brass C48500, also known as leaded naval brass, is a wrought copper-zinc-lead-tin alloy. It is a high-zinc brass to which a small amount of tin is added to improve its corrosion resistance and also to impart higher strength. Tin, like arsenic, antimony, and phosphorus, reduces susceptibility to dezincification. Mueller Brass C48500 possesses good hot formability and is fairly well adapted to any hot working process including forging. Due to its lead content, the alloy has poor cold forming characteristics. Due to this limitation, this alloy is best suited for machining applications rather than typical cold working operations. This datasheet provides information on composition, physical properties, hardness, elasticity, and tensile properties. It also includes information on corrosion resistance as well as forming, heat treating, machining, and joining. Filing Code: Cu-936. Producer or source: Mueller Brass Company.

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