ToughMet 2 is a high performance, wrought, heat treatable, lead-free strip Cu-Ni alloy that imparts superior mechanical performance and high thermal stability to plain bearing applications. Parts are easily formed and they can be machined either before or after heat treatment. ToughMet alloys are a line of spinodal hardened Cu-Ni anti-galling alloys for bearings capable of performing with a variety of shafting materials and lubricants. The alloys combine a high lubricity with wear resistance in these severe loading conditions. This datasheet provides information on composition, physical properties, hardness, elasticity, and tensile properties as well as fracture toughness and fatigue. It also includes information on corrosion resistance as well as forming and machining. Filing Code: Cu-724. Producer or source: Materion Brush Performance Alloys. Originally published September 2004, revised May 2013.

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