Ispat Inland MartINsite is a low-carbon cold-rolled ultrahigh-strength steel available in four grades with minimum tensile strengths of 900 MPa (130 ksi) (M-130), 1100 MPa (160 ksi) (M-160), 1310 MPa (190 ksi) (M-190), and 1520 MPa (220 psi) (M-220). This steel can be used where high strength and/or lightweight are required and can substitute for high-carbon alloy steels, spring steels, and some nonferrous alloys at significant savings in cost. Electrosite is an electrogalvanized form of M-190. This datasheet provides information on composition, physical properties, elasticity, tensile properties, and bend strength. It also includes information on wear resistance as well as heat treating and surface treatment. Filing Code: CS-62. Producer or source: Ispat Inland Inc. Originally published as Inland MartINsite, October 1976, revised February 2003.

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