EnviroBrass III is one of a series of alloys pursued by an industry consortium to develop alloys that meet the National Sanitation Foundation’s standard on low lead pickup in water supply systems. The research showed that a combination of bismuth and selenium provides the same beneficial effect on machinability as does lead. EnviroBrass III contains up to 1.2% Bi and 0.1% Se and is suitable for permanent mold and pressure die castings. SeBiLOY was the original name used to represent these alloys (see SeBiLOY I, Alloy Digest Cu-605, June 1996, and SeBiLOY II, Alloy Digest Cu-606, revised October 1996). This datasheet provides information on composition, hardness, and tensile properties. It also includes information on casting and machining. Filing Code: CU-662. Producer or source: Copper and copper alloy mills.

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