MANGUM ABS FG960 is specifically designed for pipe fittings. MAGNUM ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) FG960 is a virgin, prime grade material, listed by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). It is available in black as a factory color mix product (natural resin with black color concentrate), designated No. 2150-Black-7. MAGNUM ABS FG960 is specifically designed for injection molded pipe fittings for drain, waste and vent, and sewer and conduit uses which meet ASTMD-2661 DWV and F-628 DWV, D-2750 conduit and D-2751 sewer standards. This datasheet provides information on composition, physical properties, and tensile properties as well as fracture toughness. Filing Code: P-25. Producer or source: The Dow Chemical Company, Dow Plastics.

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