STRIMEK is a Super High-Strength Low-Alloy (HSLA) steel. It is a microalloyed high-strength steel. Its unique properties are obtained in a carefully moniored process where microalloying elements are added and a special type of heat teatment is carried out. Strimek is lighter than an equivalent component of the same strength in low-carbon steel, aluminum or fibreglass-reinforced plastic. It is available in three grades, all of which have the unique combination of high strength, good formability and good weldability. Strimek is recommended where high strength at low weight is needed. This datasheet provides information on composition, physical properties, microstructure, hardness, elasticity, tensile properties, and bend strength. It also includes information on forming, heat treating, machining, and joining. Filing Code: SA-401. Producer or source: Uddeholm Strip Steel AB.

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