ZA-27 is a zinc-aluminum-copper alloy that offers exceptionally high strength (58,000 to 64,000 psi tensile strength as cast) at modest cost. It performs best in thin-walled castings (down to 0.10 inch) which means reduced weight and lower material costs when castings are redesigned. It is similar to the general-purpose ZA-12 alloy (Alloy Digest Zn-31, September 1977) except for its higher strength and elongation, but with higher casting temperatures and poor heavy-section castability. This datasheet provides information on composition, physical properties, hardness, tensile properties, and shear strength as well as fracture toughness and creep. It also includes information on corrosion and wear resistance as well as casting, forming, heat treating, machining, and surface treatment. Filing Code: Zn-32. Producer or source: Eastern Alloys Inc.. See also Alloy Digest Zn-50, June 1990.

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