BERYLCO NICKEL ALLOY 440 is an age-hardenable nickel-beryllium-titanium alloy that offers high strength, excellent spring properties outstanding formability, good high-temperature mechanical properties, and resistance to corrosion and fatigue. Complex shapes can be produced in the solution-treated (soft) condition and then aged to a minimum tensile strength of 215,500 psi. It is used for mechanical and electrical/electronic components in the temperature range -320 to 800 F. This datasheet provides information on composition, physical properties, hardness, elasticity, and tensile properties as well as fracture toughness. It also includes information on high temperature performance and corrosion resistance as well as forming, heat treating, machining, joining, and surface treatment. Filing Code: Ni-94. Producer or source: Kawecki Berylco Industries Inc.. Originally published September 1964, revised September 1975.

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