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Proceedings Papers

Proceedings Volume Cover
May 4–6, 2022
Vienna, Austria
Conference Sponsors:
  • ASM Thermal Spray Society
  • DVS – German Welding Society
  • International Institute of Welding
Thermal Spray 2022: Proceedings from the International Thermal Spray Conference

Aviation Industry

Automotive Industry

Young Professionals Session

Modeling and Simulation

Arc Spraying

Precision Melt Engineering

Pre- and Post-Treatment

Suspension Spraying

Process Diagnostics, Sensors, and Controls

Industrial Gas Turbines

Cold Gas Spraying

HVOF and HVAF Spraying

Ceramic Coatings

New Processes

Wear Protection

Medical Industry

High Entropy Alloys

Metal Coatings

Nanomaterial Coatings

Electronics and Sensors

General Plant Engineering

Industrial Forum: Coatings, Applications, Materials

Additive Manufacturing

Laser Cladding

Characterization and Testing Methods

Renewable Power Generation

Industrial Forum: Equipment and Diagnostics

Industrial Forum: Others, Process, Peripheral

Power Generation and Industrial Gas Turbines

Plasma Spraying

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